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Emergency Towing Findlay

Your First Emergency Tow Truck Choice For Any Findlay Breakdown

Emergency Towing Findlay
Roadside emergencies can strike at any place and at any time. Breakdowns are never convenient and can often prove time consuming and expensive. Luckily, Dick’s towing has the best resources and staff in Findlay to recover your vehicle from any incident at any time. We’re professionally focused on customer service and listening to and fulfilling your needs ― whether it’s late night or early morning. our 24-hour tow truck fleet will help you at a moment’s notice and get you back on the road safely and quickly.

Comprehensive 24-Hour Tow Truck Services Are a Call Away

With nearly 40 years serving the Findlay area, Dick’s Towing is built from the ground up to offer service-oriented and immediate towing. We staff our dispatch services with dedicated employees 24 hours a day, seven days a week, guaranteeing one of our 45-vehicle fleet can arrive wherever needed in the Findlay area within 30 minutes.

Each of our technicians is trained through an extensive, 90-day program, guaranteeing they know how to answer your questions, troubleshoot unknown issues with your vehicle, and pinpoint the best solutions as efficiently as possible. Whether you’re in need of an immediate tow for your vehicle or you need someone to look under the hood of your car to do some troubleshooting, we’ll be sure to fix any issues we find with quick and reliable results.

Emergency Roadside Assistance With a Huge Range of Services

Our premier towing company offers a wide variety of on-the-spot repairs and maintenancing when it comes to 24-hour roadside assistance. Our technicians will diagnose any and all problems that have forced you off the road and offer solutions via our roadside inventory and hands-on experience. Some of our premier roadside services include:

  • Fuel Delivery – While not as major of an incident as having a wreck or an engine breakdown, if you have the misfortune to deplete your car’s fuel on the drive, we’ll quickly and happily bring you the type of gas you need at any hour of the day.
  • Lockouts and jump-starts – Getting locked out of your vehicle or having your battery unexpectedly die are two frustrating surprises that can derail your day. Give us a call and we’ll pop your locks and give you the jump you need to get back on the road quickly and safely.
  • electrical system repair – Your car’s electrical system is a major artery that powers your alternator, starter, and battery. Our expert technicians can quickly diagnose any issues with your electrical system upon arriving at the scene. We’ll help determine the fastest and best-priced solution to your electrical problems and execute any repairs as efficiently as possible.
  • Tire replacement and repair – As a national account for Bridgestone, Goodyear, and Michelin, we carry a huge line of tires and products from these premier brands, guaranteeing we can quickly and cleanly replace or fix any tire damages you incur on the road.

Emergency Towing Findlay

Findlay’s Go-To Towing Company

For nearly 40 years Dick’s has served the immediate needs of the greater Findlay area with compassion for our neighbors and the professional and local knowledge to best suit the needs of these friends and families. We know Hancock County like the back of our hands and we know how to get to commuters or travelers in the fastest most effective ways possible with the best vehicle solutions in the area.