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Myths About Towing Companies

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There is often a negative mindset surrounding the professionals that work in vehicle-related industries like mechanics, tow truck drivers, and car salesmen. And unfortunately, there is some justification for this. Because many people rely on their vehicles for everyday use, some businesses will take advantage of this and charge unfair prices for their services. It is true that not all companies have their customer’s best interests in mind. But at Dick’s Towing service, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality towing service day in and day out. And we are here to debunk several myths about towing companies and their drivers!

Towing Damages Your Vehicle
The only way that your vehicle would get damaged during towing is if it was done incorrectly. The method by which your vehicle was towed is also a factor. If your vehicle was towed with both or all of its wheels on the ground, it could experience wear on the tires, especially over long distances. Additionally, if the tow truck driver failed to put the car into neutral before towing it, there is a significant chance your vehicle would experience transmission damage. It is for these reasons that many responsible towing companies opt for safer and more reliable options like flatbed towing. It should be noted, though, that even simpler methods like hook and chain or wheel lift towing won’t damage your vehicle if performed correctly and over a short distance.

Towing Companies Are Just There To Rip You Off
This statement is most often said by those who got their vehicle towed for parking illegally and therefore had to pay a fine to get their car back. Other times people will say that the price for towing is way too expensive. And while we do strive to provide the most affordable services, several factors influence these prices. Owning and operating a towing company is not cheap; we must factor in the price of the tow truck, maintenance, fuel cost, driver pay, and more. Once you consider all of the elements in play, the cost of towing is more understandable.

Towing Companies Won’t Tow Late At Night
If you call a tow truck and they won’t come to help you because it’s too late at night, call another company. Not all towing companies are available 24-hours, but at Dick’s Towing Service, we are! We understand that accidents can happen anywhere at any time, so we ensure that we always have a driver available to help!

Tow Truck Drivers Won’t Tow Large Vehicles
While this may be true for some smaller towing companies, most businesses have a fleet of tow trucks ranging from small to heavy-duty. They are fully equipped to handle large vehicles, including tractors, semi-trucks, and more.

Tow Truck Drivers Can’t Break Into A Vehicle To Tow It
This is another statement often argued by those who got their vehicles towed because they were parked illegally. If a towing company works with a property owner like an apartment manager and they get called out to tow away a vehicle that is illegally parked, they are allowed to enter the vehicle in order to tow it away. However, if any damage occurs during this process, the towing company may be liable.

Towing Companies Only Provide Towing
Towing Company FindlayA common misconception about towing companies is that the only service they provide is towing.

But the truth is that the majority of them offer a variety of other roadside services, including lockouts, jump starts, tire replacement, fuel delivery, and more!

If you’re in a predicament where you need a little assistance, don’t be afraid to call a towing company.

Tow Trucks Take Forever To Arrive
The time it takes for a tow truck driver to arrive is situational. A company that cares about their customers will do whatever they can to get to you as fast as possible. However, if you are 60 miles from the nearest town, you should expect the driver to take the same amount of time as it took you to get where you are. But regardless of your location, an honest company would never intentionally delay their arrival.

Towing Companies Don’t Service Rural Areas
Towing is not a one size fits all kind of business, and when people call for a tow truck, it’s generally for an unforeseen situation at inconvenient times and places. Most towing companies have various vehicles for any type of situation, including people stuck in rural areas. Heavy-duty tow trucks are equipped to handle rugged terrain and safely remove you and your vehicle from the area.

Tow Truck Drivers Require Full Cash Payment Upfront
The idea that tow truck drivers will only help you if you shell out a pocket of cash comes from dishonest companies taking advantage of people in need. Most honest towing companies understand that people are more concerned about their current situation and don’t need the added stress of immediate financial compensation. The majority of towing companies will provide flexible payment options that ensure you and your vehicle are taken care of first.

Tow Truck Drivers Are Dirty and Rude
Again, this is another stereotype of towing companies and their employees based on other businesses that don’t have their customer’s best interests in mind. At Dick’s Towing Service, our drivers are tidy, friendly, and helpful. We understand that when you call us, you’re not always in the best situation, and our goal is to make the best of it and help you out in any way we can.

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Please don’t believe everything you hear about towing companies; they are not all created equal. At Dick’s Towing Service, we believe in providing people with friendly, helpful, and affordable services. We don’t care what time it is or where you are; if you need help, we will be there! Our team offers a variety of services in addition to 24-hour towing; our roadside services help a lot of drivers in tough situations. Call Dick’s Towing Service today for fast and reliable towing!

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Myths About Towing Companies

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