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Car Maintenance Tips to Avoid a Breakdown

Imagine this scenario: you’re driving along, and you hear a funny sound. Maybe a clunk or a whir or a groan. The car begins to slow. And that moment where you realize your car is breaking down hits. It’s a scary feeling for any vehicle owner, but there are ways to prevent this situation from occurring more often than once or twice every decade. However, if you are driving an older car or have not yet become knowledgeable about your vehicle’s needs, then this is something you must prepare for.

How To Avoid a Breakdown

This blog post will cover some general maintenance tips and DIY projects that will help you avoid a breakdown. So check out these helpful hints from Dick’s Towing Service then make sure to plan for any potential problems with your car!

Change Your Engine Oil Regularly

basic maintenance tips findlay

The most important fluid you should check is your engine oil level. This vital component lubricates the cylinders, pistons and other parts of the engine. As the car moves, it produces heat that can cause the oil to turn sludgy and thick. This will affect the performance of your car’s engine rendering it at risk of overheating from metal on metal contact and suffer engine failure. Changing your engine oil and oil filter every 5000 miles will help keep the car running smoothly and prevent engine damage.

Check Your Other Fluids, Too

In addition to changing your engine oil regularly, checking brake fluid will ensure the stopping mechanism works properly. You can feel the lack of brake fluid in the brake pads&emdash;there will be no resistance when pressed because uncompressed air will fill the brake lines with nothing but uncompressed air. Other fluid levels you should keep in mind are engine coolant, transmission fluid and windscreen washer.

Use Your Parking Brake

One of the best ways to avoid transmission issues is to use your parking brake. It might seem like common sense, but sometimes we find common sense isn’t so common! Not to worry, a kind reminder is all people need. Otherwise, the transmission will be under major mechanical strain and need replacing sooner rather than later&emdash;especially if you park uphill. Don’t drive with your parking brake on or shift modes on an automatic transmission while driving on the reverse side of this. Once again, common sense, once again, sometimes it just happens.

Replace Spark Plugs and Leads

ASE mechanics recommend checking your vehicle’s spark plugs and leads as a bit of a priority because it can actually be one of the easiest things for your car to break down from. They do the actual ignition of the gas in the combustion chamber of the engine bay. Therefore, no spark plugs mean no internal combustion, which means no go. Plugs and leads are pretty cheap car parts and if you go to any mechanic, they will usually recommend checking them at least every 12 months.

Don’t Overuse Car Electronics

Another easy one to remember is don’t use your car’s electronics for an extended time! The car’s electronic parts are designed to be used for short periods of time, not long enough to watch a movie. Car electronics include the lights, radio, cigarette light and other central console features. When car electronics are on for an extended period of time, they drain the battery meaning your vehicle will need a jump. Eventually, draining your battery as such will either mean you need to replace the battery or&emdash;even worse&emdash;damage the alternator.

Check Your Tires

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Massive repairs can be caused by neglecting to check your tires. Make sure you check them regularly, like before long car journeys or when you know you haven’t inspected them in a while. Use a tire pressure gauge to see if they are kept above the standard 30 PSI; anything lower means less fuel efficiency. If a tire is severely deflated&emdash;especially after recent inflation&emdash;check for nails or other objects that could have punctured the rubber wall.

Another thing to check for is signs of wear on the tire treads. A common trick to see if the treads are worn is to use a penny; if the treads sit under the nose of Abraham Lincoln, it’s time to start considering a tire replacement. Worn tire tread means less traction on the road, increasing the likelihood of hydroplaning or losing control of the car. Another safety risk is uneven wear&emdash;making sure each wheel has the same level of wear ensures a standard. If you have a nearly flat tire or uneven wear, it’s time to break out the spare tire and take it to your nearest tire store for maintenance and tire rotation.

Invest In An Annual Maintenance Service

The best way to avoid car breakdowns is by investing in an annual car inspection. The experts can identify and address problems before they become major issues, like brake maintenance, transmission repair, engine difficulties, etc. While regular service is an expense, it’s much better to pay a couple of hundred dollars per year rather than a few thousand every few years. Most car dealerships would offer maintenance services and tire rotations for the brands they sell, even if you didn’t buy it from that particular dealership. Keeping your vehicle to a proper maintenance schedule

Dick’s Towing Provides 24 Hour Tow Truck Service

No one likes to think about the possibility of a breakdown. It’s a scary feeling to watch your trusted vehicle die in your hands. Fortunately, there are countermeasures to prevent this situation from happening. Checking your tires regularly and replacing spark plugs and leads can help keep the engine running smoothly. Changing the oil and other fluids regularly will also ensure that everything runs well under pressure. Finally, don’t forget to let the experts give it an annual inspection. All of these simple services and tricks should keep you out of the repair shop.

However, don’t fret if you are stuck on the side of the road with a broken-down vehicle&emdash;most tow truck companies offer most of these same services wherever you are. Wondering who to call if you suffer a car breakdown near Findlay? Call Dick’s Towing Service; if we can’t fix it, we’ll transport your vehicle to somebody who can!

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Car Maintenance Tips to Avoid a Breakdown

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