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What to Do If You Lock Your Keys in the Car

You’ve locked your keys in the car, what do you do? Even if you’re not a first-time car owner, it can be a nerve-wracking, if not frustrating, experience. Everyone experiences a moment of cognitive dissonance in confronting their silliness. The first thing to know is that it’s going to be okay! You will get through this, and there are some options available to make the process as easy as possible.

Help, I Locked My Keys in My Car!

Here at Dick’s Towing Service, we have a few tips to share for what to do before calling us to come out and unlock your vehicle. As Hancock County’s premier roadside assistance service, we can put your mind at ease while dealing with one of the more stressful mistakes a vehicle owner can make. Count on Dick’s Towing to help you avoid future breakdowns and lockouts!

Before we begin, this mistake can only turn worse if you do not observe your surroundings. Ask yourself these questions: Is your vehicle safely on the side of the road? Is it close to a source of light? Are you stuck in a dangerous part of town (one more with a history of car theft)? If so it’s probably best to find a safe space and keeping a low profile while you call for help.

Spare Keys

car lockout services findlay

It’s probably the most simple solution and, therefore, the most unlikely if you’re caught in this scenario. Yet, if you’re only a short (let’s say less than 2 miles) distance away from your home, it’s probably more worth your while to make the trek and come back. This changes when on a long drive, of course. While having a spare key is a great simple solution, it’s also a luxury. If you’re driving with friends, you might want to give a spare to a friend to keep in their pocket just in case.

Electronic Keys and Fobs

All of this became moot in the past decade, however, with keyless ignitions. Many modern cars today are coming equipped with electronic keys with keyless fobs. Auto manufacturer companies designed these keys to lock the vehicle after moving away from it at a certain distance. Therefore leaving keys inside the car means the car will not close itself. Licensed dealerships can replace the fobs if you lose them, but beware–they cost a lot.

The Coat Hanger Method

Older cars, of course, do not come with this feature, requiring a more hands-on approach. One of the more popular methods of opening old-style door locks is to use a coat hanger. It usually only works on vehicles equipped with pull-up locks, but it can work on a smoother unlock button. Unfortunately, if you have recessed locks in the interior of the door, this method will not do you any good.

The trick involves taking a wire coat hanger, untwisting the head and adjusting a small hook on the straightened end. This small hook will afford the ability to hook around a pin inside the door. You will need to insert the hanger in between the weather stripping and the glass. Once you find the pin, you will need to pull the pin back towards the rear passenger seat, which should unlock the car. Beware, though; this method can ruin the rubber molding and weatherstripping and make it easier for a thief to pull off the same trick on your vehicle.

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Roadside Assistance Services

Of course, the prior method requires having a door hanger easily accessible, which you probably won’t when stranded on the side of the road. In most cases, you will need to call for roadside services. Nowadays there are plenty of options for these types of services. Apart from the American Automobile Association (AAA), locksmiths and tow truck services offer mobile services that will come to the location and unlock your vehicle.

Keeping the number of your AAA representative, professional locksmith, or towing service available on your phone will give you a quick out of this tricky predicament. It’s also just a good idea to have a tow truck service on your phone in case your car needs more than just lockout services. If your vehicle has broken down or crashed, or has a flat, the Towing Service Findlaytow truck service is your one-stop mobile shop for flat tires, dead battery jumps and auto locksmith services.

Mobile Car Locksmith

So there you are, locked out of your car with no way to get in. You could try the coat hanger method (if you’re lucky enough to find one), but if your vehicle does not come equipped with proximity technology, the most foolproof way of getting back in would be by calling Dick’s Towing! With our wide variety of services and quick response times, we’ll have you up and running again before you know it. Contact us today in case of car lockouts and breakdowns and find peace of mind in Hancock County.

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What to Do If You Lock Your Keys in the Car

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