Visit the Mazza Museum, located in Findlay, Ohio, for an unforgettable and inspiring experience that will leave you captivated by the beauty of visual arts and literature. With a goal to “inspire creativity among children, families, and all generations” through its exhibits and educational programming, the Mazza Museum is a place to explore and discover new connections between art and words. Opened in 2006 in the former University of Findlay’s College of Business Administration building, what was once a traditional lecture hall has now been transformed into a creative space dedicated to exploring the world of children’s literature.

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At the museum, visitors can experience artwork from over 675 books published since 1938. These illustrations showcase many different illustration techniques and styles; allowing visitors to appreciate the work that goes into creating each image. From paintings featuring vibrant colour palettes to pictures created with digital tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator; there is something unique to be discovered at every corner! Guests can also view original work by illustrators including Maurice Sendak, Leo Lionni, Peter Sis and more allowing them to gain insight into the fascinating process involved with creating these beloved stories.

To further enhance their experience at The Mazza Museum guests are invited special events which feature well known authors and illustrators who visit throughout each year. Talks by these acclaimed creators offer exclusive perspectives on their craft that everyone from young aspiring writers to experienced authors alike will find informative and inspiring. In addition to these talks, The Mazza also offers workshops that cover topics such as story mapping or character design for those interested in honing their writing skills or even just finding out what goes on behind-the-scenes when creating a book cover!

For those looking for more than just exploration within the gallery walls there are educational programs available at The Mazza specifically geared towards school groups from 3rd grade through high school age students. By partnering with teachers across Ohio they have developed curriculum cantered around exploration of various art mediums like painting or drawing as well as examining some of the books found within their collection. They even have activities available online if it’s not possible for classes to participate in person due to restrictions caused by COVID-19.

No matter what your reasons may be for visiting The Mazza Museum you’re sure to be left feeling inspired after exploring this one-of-a-kind facility located right here in Findlay! From its extensive library of stories both old and new, stunning examples of artwork provided by renowned authors/illustrators as well as its dedication towards education—there’s no doubt because people keep coming back time after time!

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