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Tow Service

Service was well above 5 stars. Broke a ball joint turning around in a driveway and Ed’s driver was super helpful. He made sure there was no further damage to my jeep while loading and unloading it on the bed and let my family sit in the truck since it was so cold out. Exceptional service and I sure appreciate the help!

Jennifer Siler


This service is beyond outstanding!!! Most definitely recommend!!!

Kyla Marie

Locked My Keys In My Trunk

Locked my keys in my trunk today at work, called AAA and was told it would be 30 minutes to an hour, which I expected since my experience in the past with AAA is they tell you an hour and normally turns into 2-4. However within 10 minutes of calling James Andrews called me and was there and had my car unlocked within 15 minutes of my initial call for help!!! Definitely keeping this contact information on hand for the future. Thank you so much for great, fast and friendly service!!!!

Amy Thorton

If you ever need a tow!

If you ever need a tow! My company of choice! We even laughed through the ordeal! And they took super good care of me! And unfortunately I don’t remember my drivers name, but she’s the only girl in a 4 county area!

Laura Ruth Carey

Ed’s Is At The Top…

I have worked at various shops but ed’s is at the top. The working relationship between marion and upper sandusky shops is unsurpassed. We have each others back in getting the job and satisfying the customer to the best of our abilities.

Arvil Hutchinson