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Commercial Tow Truck Marion

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Commercial Tow Truck Marion

Ed’s 24 Hour Service is a locally owned and operated professional towing company that knows Marion’s roads in and out and provides dedicated service to our customers. We treat every customer with genuine care to help sustain the well-being of our local community. Marion County has treated us well for the past 50 years that we’ve been providing heavy duty towing service and recovery, mobile semi truck repair, and roadside assistance services. Our rotator can handle up to 75 tons, enough to properly extract any semi-truck, construction, or recreational vehicle in need of rescue. Our tow truck operators are also licensed to transport any vehicle across the lower continental United States. Contact us today if you need heavy-duty towing service to transport your vehicle across state lines or to the nearest repair shop.

Mobile Repair & Tire Service

For over 50 years Ed’s 24 Hour Service has operated in Marion County, providing complete roadside assistance for commercial vehicles and semi-trucks. With a service area reach of 50 miles from our home base in Marion, Ohio, our large fleet of vehicles and on-call dispatch staff means we can undertake the timely recovery and repair of any vehicle stuck in the area. Each member of our experienced team of technicians undertakes a 90-day training program, certifying them to provide accurate roadside assistance services, minor repairs, and semi-truck towing service. They are available all hours of the day in order to provide 24-hour commercial roadside assistance service that will see you and yours returned to your happy destination and keep your business going. We handle issues such as:

  • Tire repair and replacement – As a national account for Bridgestone, Michelin, and Goodyear, we’re equipped with a wide range of tires for commercial vehicles that can replace any blowouts or damaged tires. We also offer used tires, recapping, and mobile tire service for any of your tire-related needs.
  • Fuel delivery, lockout, and jump-starts – Minor obstacles strike at the worst times. Let us quickly solve these mishaps with gas delivery, battery restarts, or lockout service on your larger vehicle. We’ll have you back to a smooth ride in no time.
  • Repair shop services – For damages and repairs that can’t be performed at your roadside location, we can transport your commercial vehicle to our repair shop for more extensive projects. In addition to mechanical or oil change services, we also offer maintenance for everything from engine repair to electrical system services.
  • Specialized Transportation – From construction vehicles to large pieces of commercial equipment, our transportation trucks and expert experience in commercial towing service allow us to move any of your property, such as motorhome towing or RV towing, with the safety and efficiency it deserves.

Commercial Roadside Assistance Services

Commercial Towing Marion

In addition to our technicians receiving certification to recover any commercial vehicle caught in a jam in the Marion County area, they also are certified and capable mobile repair service mechanics. They will be able to diagnose and provide effective solutions for your vehicle by the road. Our vehicles are equipped with an extensive truck inventory of tools and materiel to help put your big rig back on the road. Is your commercial vehicle in need of emergency roadside assistance? We have you covered for everything from a jump to a winch out. If we can’t repair your vehicle with our roadside assistance services, then we will transport your vehicle to our own automotive repair shop where the experienced technicians of Ed’s 24 Hour Service can handle all your needs in a quick and precise manner with our heavy towing service.

We offer Mobile Diesel Repair

If your commercial vehicle is a diesel and in need of mechanical services, do not fret, Ed’s 24 Hour Services knows their way around diesel engines. Just as with unleaded engines and vehicles, we offer 24-hour road repair services and emergency roadside assistance. If we can’t remedy this by coming to you, we can certainly remedy the issue at our automotive repair shop. We also perform complete inspections and routine maintenance. Contact us today to find out more about our diesel engine services and how we can help your business with our dependable towing service.

Ed's 24 Hour Service

Frequently Asked Questions About Towing

Does insurance cover towing services?
Some insurance policies may include roadside assistance or towing services, but it’s important to check with your insurance provider to confirm coverage.
Can a tow truck take my car if I’m not there?
In most cases, a tow truck can only take your car if it is illegally parked or if you have given permission for it to be towed. If your car is towed from private property, you should receive notice before it is removed.
What should I do if my car breaks down on the highway?
If your car breaks down on the highway, pull over to the side of the road as far as possible and turn on your hazard lights. Stay in your car with your seatbelt fastened until a tow truck or other assistance arrives.

Ed’s 24 Hour Service Is Proud To Be A Locally-Owned Business In Marion

Discover Marion, Ohio’s hidden gem – Ed’s 24 Hour Service. As a locally-owned company, Ed’s offers more than just top-notch services; it’s deeply intertwined with the essence of Marion itself. Nestled amidst a tapestry of local attractions, Ed’s 24 Hour Service stands as a testament to community pride and heritage.

Located near the captivating Huber Machinery Museum, Ed’s reflects Marion’s industrial history and innovation. Just like the machinery showcased, Ed’s operates with precision and dedication, serving the community around the clock.

Adjacent to the Buckeye Telephone Museum, Ed’s also symbolizes seamless communication and reliability. In a world of constant connections, Ed’s ensures Marion’s residents are always just a call away from assistance.

And let’s not forget the Oorang Indians Cardinal Sculpture – a symbol of unity and teamwork. Ed’s 24 Hour Service exemplifies these qualities, working cohesively like a team to provide essential services when Marion’s residents need them the most.

So, when you’re in Marion, make sure to admire not only the attractions that shape the town’s history but also the local heroes at Ed’s 24 Hour Service, who continue to keep the community running smoothly, just like the well-oiled machines at the Huber Machinery Museum.
Direction to Ed’s 24 Hour Service

Your Search For An Experienced Towing Service Near Me Is Over

Nestled in the heart of Marion, Ohio, Ed’s 24 Hour Service stands as a beacon of reliability and assistance. As a cherished locally-owned establishment, Ed’s is more than just a towing company – it’s a lifeline for the community. With a diverse array of services, including towing, emergency towing, and commercial tow truck operations, Ed’s is the go-to for prompt and professional solutions.

Situated conveniently close to vital local bus stops like Norfolk Southern, Tri State Transport LLC, and the Marion Transit Department, Ed’s 24 Hour Service plays a crucial role in keeping Marion’s transportation network fluid. Whether it’s ensuring the smooth flow of commercial vehicles or coming to the rescue during emergencies, Ed’s commitment to excellence shines bright.

Much like the synchronized rhythm of buses arriving and departing, Ed’s team operates seamlessly to provide top-tier service around the clock. When Marion residents face vehicular challenges, they can rely on Ed’s not just for towing but for a helping hand that’s intricately woven into the fabric of the community.

Next time you’re in Marion, take a moment to appreciate not only the bustling bus stops but also the unsung heroes at Ed’s 24 Hour Service, who keep the wheels of the town turning – much like the wheels of the tow trucks that are always ready to roll when needed most. Transit Directions To Ed’s 24 Hour Service

Our Team Is Proud To Work In Many Neighborhoods Throughout Marion, Including:

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Check Out Some Of The Reviews From Our Happy Customers

“Alternator on my car went out over the holiday weekend, stranding my car (fortunately not me for very long) alongside I-75. They had me all set in about 10 minutes and at a very good price. The dispatcher was great to work with and my car was delivered to the repair shop without an issue.”-Doug J.
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“They are a life saver! We tried moving a 2 ton machine from another local business and got in a bind. Eric, the owner, just happened to drive by and offered to help for a very reasonable price. Josh Clark brought a forklift on a rollback and did a great job of loading everything on our trailer. I would definitely recommend them even if it’s an unconventional job that just needs some help with a forklift for 15 minutes. They’re very easy to work with and offered solutions we didn’t know they offered.”-Matt P

“Ed, Nate, Ben, Criss, Bob what a great group of dedicated professionals. Let’s not forget Kim holding things all together. Had an opportunity lately to ask these guys and gals give me a hand and couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended.”-Ed N.
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At Ed’s 24 Hour Service, We Offer A Wide Range Of Services, Including:

  • Towing Service
  • Emergency Towing
  • Commercial Tow Truck
  • Emergency Heavy Duty Mobile Repair
  • Emergency Tow Truck
  • Heavy Duty Tow Truck
  • Heavy Duty Truck Mobile Repair
  • Mobile Semi-Truck Repair
  • Truck Repair

About Marion

Nestled in the heart of Ohio, Marion exudes a captivating blend of rich history, vibrant culture, and community warmth. This charming city, with its tree-lined streets and welcoming atmosphere, invites both residents and visitors to explore its diverse offerings.

History comes alive in Marion, where the echoes of the past are celebrated at every corner. From the historic Harding Home and Presidential Center, commemorating the life of President Warren G. Harding, to the Marion County Historical Society showcasing local heritage, the city proudly preserves its legacy for all to experience.

Marion’s cultural tapestry is woven with artistic threads, evident in the Marion Palace Theatre’s captivating performances and the Marion Art Center’s creative exhibitions. Festivals and events dot the calendar, fostering a sense of togetherness that defines the community spirit.

Nature enthusiasts find solace in Marion’s parks and outdoor havens. The tranquility of Tallgrass Trail and the beauty of Sawyer Ludwig Park offer escape from the bustle of daily life. For those with a penchant for exploration, Quarry Park’s unique terrain and the charms of the Marion Tallgrass Trail provide ample opportunities to connect with nature.

But it’s the people of Marion who truly define its character. Warm smiles and friendly conversations are the norm, reflecting the genuine hospitality that sets this city apart. From the historic downtown district to the bustling local businesses, Marion is a place where everyone can find a welcoming embrace.

In Marion, the past meets the present in a harmonious blend, creating a city that’s not only steeped in heritage but also poised for a vibrant future. Whether you’re strolling through its historical sites, enjoying its cultural offerings, or simply savoring the warmth of its people, Marion, Ohio, is an experience that lingers in the heart and beckons you to return.