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How Can You Benefit From Mobile On-Site Semi Truck Repair?

Want to Save Time and Money?

Have you ever considered mobile on-site truck repair for your fleet of vehicles? Perhaps you have a situation that seemingly works for you but you have no idea how much time and money you can save by hiring a service such as Ed’s 24-Hour Service for mobile on-site truck repair. The following are benefits to hiring a mobile on-site truck repair service for your fleet.

Benefits of On-Site Truck Repair

When you hire an on-site truck repair service such as ours at Ed’s 24-Hour Service, you can reap the benefits in many different ways.

1. Save Time

The most important benefit of having on-site mobile semi truck repair is that you will save time. Managing a fleet of semi-trucks is stressful without having to take time out of a busy day for maintenance or repairs. Keep your trucks on schedule by having an on-site mobile truck repair service come to your fleet, right there in the lot!

2. Save Money

When you save time, you save money. Instead of taking valuable delivery time out of your day to have maintenance and repairs completed on your semi-truck, have a mobile truck repair service come to you. We all know that time equals money in this business.

3. Reliability

Avoid a breakdown on the road and make sure you keep up with your semi truck’s maintenance. Once you have an experienced technician familiar with your fleet and its maintenance and repair history, you know that you’ll get consistent service. This consistency and reliability eliminates issues with switching service locations or companies.

Tips for Handling a Big-Rig Breakdown

If you make a career out of driving a semi, chances are that you’ll encounter a mechanical failure or breakdown at some point. The best way to avoid a breakdown is preventitive maintenance. Calling a mobile on-site truck repair service on the road is a way to get that maintenance and repair service without having to take time out of your day. However, if you find yourself facing a mechanical failure on the road, remember these tips.

1. Keep Calm

emergency towing findlay OH

If you have to pull off to the shoulder, make sure you set up triangles or flares to alert other motorists to your breakdown. Call Ed’s 24-Hour Service for quick, reliable service when you breakdown on the road.

If you notice that the truck is starting to break down while you’re driving, try to keep calm. While this may seem like an obvious piece of advice, many drivers become frustrated while trying to handle a breakdown. This reaction can lead to carelessness and mistakes, which can lead to injuries for you or other motorists.

2. Get to Safety

If your truck is still in motion, pull over to safety. Don’t park on the shoulder of the road unless it is an emergency. If you can still maneuver your vehicle, it’s advisable to get to the nearest exist and stop there, preferably at a fueling or service station.

3. Call for Help

If you’re anywhere near Findlay, Ohio, you can call us here at Ed’s 24-Hour Service for a quick, reliable response. Explain the emergency to the dispatcher and they will get an appropriate technician out to you as soon as possible.

4. Set Up Flares and Triangles

If you are stopped on the side of the road, it’s critical that you put on your truck’s flashers and set up triangles and flares around the vehicle. This process will help signal to other motorists that you are stranded and to be cautious when passing. Additionally, passing law enforcement officers may be alerted to your predicament and be able to offer assistance.

5. Tilt Open the Hood of the Truck

Another thing you should do while waiting for help is to open the hood of your truck. This process will provide easy access to the responding service professional. Additionally, it also signals to other drivers that you are experiencing a mechanical breakdown and they should exercise caution when passing your rig.

How Can Ed’s 24-Hour Service Help You?

Ed’s 24 Hour Service specializes in light and heavy duty towing, specialized transportation and roadside assistance. Ed’s 24 Hour Service also has a full service repair shop with certified technicians to get you back on the road quickly and correctly. Ed’s 24 Hour Service is located in Findlay, Upper Sandusky and Marion, Ohio. Contact us for your towing needs or specialty transportation!

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How Can You Benefit From Mobile On-Site Semi Truck Repair?

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